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Sealing and Displaying Pressed Flower Art

Finished pressed flower arts needs to be sealed before displaying. The purpose is to keep flowers away from moisture in the air. Always allow the picture to be completely dry before sealing. The best way is to put the finished picture into a large box along with silica gel. However, if the picture is too big to fit into a box, see instruction for framing below. You would need to change the silica gel more often the first couple times.

There are several ways to seal pressed flower arts.

If the art is not too big, and the flowers you have on the picture are thin, you can laminate it. Some stationery or copy centers offer this service if you do not have a laminating machine. This method is especially good for small items such as bookmarks.

You can also buy self-laminating sheets (found in office supply stores) and apply on both sides to seal. Self-laminating sheets are very adhesive. You have to make sure that the sheets were applied flat without wrinkle the first time. This method is used for greeting cards and small pictures.

Another way is to use iron-on plastic films used for fabric projects. Follow instructions from the package. This method can be used for some relatively thick flowers.

My favorite method is to seal the artwork during framing. This way, you would see the flowers are still somewhat three-dimensional.

Instructions for Framing Pressed Flower Art Pictures

  • Allow the picture to be completely dry.
  • Cut a piece of heavy-duty aluminum foil with the same measurement as the frame’s glass.
  • Cut a piece of desiccant board to size or wrap several small packages of silica gel with white table napkin. Packages need to be flat. Pre-packaged silica gel can be used instead.
  • Using scotch tape to secure desiccant board or silica gel packages on the backside of foil.
  • Lay the frame glass down. Use anti-UV glass or acrylic for maximum color retention.
  • If you use a mat, secure the picture on mat first, then face down toward the frame glass.
  • Place foil on top of the picture with desiccant board or silica gel packages next to picture.
  • Seal four sides with aluminum tape (found in hardware stores). Make sure the corners are completely covered and there is not a big air bubble trapped inside. Now, picture is sealed between glass and foil. Desiccant board or silica gel packages will continue to absorb moisture seeped in. If you live in an area that humidity is high, you should change the desiccant board or silica gel packages every year for best results.
  • Place glass with pictures into frame to finish.
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