Kate Chu's Pressed Flower Art Books

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My books are bilingual in English and Chinese.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “[the] Earth laughs in flowers”. The beauty of flowers bring smiles to all of us. Every flower lover dreams of having flowers last forever. Pressed flower art provides us a way to preserve flowers to last and also to give it artistic life. Whether if you want to relax and have some fun or you are serious in pursuing pressed flower art as your artistic medium or your career, you will find this set of practical books useful to guide you in exploring the wonderful world of pressed flower art. I think you will agree that the pictures in these books are beautiful to look at as well. For experienced pressed flower artists, this set of books will serve as good references. I hope that I can lead you to exploring deeper in expressing your emotions with pressed flowers. The skills that you will learn from this set of books will carry you far as they have been for me. The beauty of nature is the best way of allowing you to enjoy some peace and quiet moments, no matter where you live and what your life style is. I hope to express a positive attitude towards life by presenting my art and showing the details to create them. As Immanuel Kant explained about beauty being “an object of delight apart from any interest”, I hope the beautiful pressed flower art will bring you pleasure.

Full set of 3 books shipped from a friend in China (including shipping. US address only) . Price: $85.00

You can also buy the books from Amazon.