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About Myself and My Pressed Flower Art

Artist statement:


“Nature provides inspiration as well as materials for my art. I love pressed flower art because it preserves the best from the nature and it allows me to freely express my feelings toward love, life, and world. Pressed flower art preserves memories in life and brings peace and calm in my life. I think this peaceful and loving feeling reflects in my art. My art is about my hometown, places I travel, my fantasies, and of course my flowers.”

Artist Profile:

  • Teaching pressed flower art classes both online and in-person since 1996.

  • Founding member of the World Wide Pressed Flower Guild (

  • President of the World Wide Pressed Flower Guild

  • Internet Messenger Leader for the Pressed Flower Guild

  • Judge and judge panel adviser for the Philadelphia Flower Show

  • Organizer for the Korean International Pressed Flower Competition

  • Leading Chinese Weibo and WeChat group on Pressed Flower Art

  • HGTV Insider Garden show guest artist on Pressed Flower Art

  • PBS Sheryl Borden show (public education TV program) 4 segments on Pressed Flower Art

  • Solo exhibitions in Orange County Fair by invitation

  • Solo exhibition in China Flower expo by invitation (also won best display)

  • Multiple winners, Call-for-art International fine art competitions

  • Multiple winners, Philadelphia Flower Show

  • Multiple winners, Japan postcard competitions

  • Multiple winners, WWPFG

  • Multiple winners, The Pressed Flower Guild (UK) competitions

  • Multiple winners, Korean International Pressed Flower Art Competitions

  • Exhibition at the Royal Horticulture Society London Botanical Art Show

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